A pluthera of showers...

And I'm not talking about the rain! We have had so many new babies latley it just amazing. The best part about that... BABY SHOWERS! I know for some people they are alot of work, expensive or drudgery but I just love them. I love going to them but I especially like putting them together! The latest shower we had was for Mommy Call and her new baby boy born just under 3 weeks ago. I didn't have time to post photos really since I was getting excited about my little boy! But here are some of my favorite little touches at the shower!

Yellow & Green was the theme...and elephants!

Yummy chocolate mousse stuffed cupcakes!

Some appetizers. We had so much food!

Something refreshing...also yellow!
beautiful flowers ...

And gifts of course!

I can't wait till we get to throw another shower!

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  1. Now it's your turn to sit back and relax while you get to be the mom of honor!


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