Love my Nails!!

So this afternoon J, M and I took B out for her birthday. We took her to get her first mani & pedi day! We all had a great time and got some good massaging from the wonderful ladies at Love Nails. I about fell asleep! It was great. Plus it wasn't too expensive at all.

D'rock loves it when I get my nails done because then I don't chew them like a savage animal! So maybe I'll be getting these thing on a semi reular basis afterall. The girl I had did a SUPER god job. Trust me I've had my share of bad mani's. To finish the day with lunch at Barney's. Best curly fries and juicy burgers and shakes! All in all it was a fun morning. And might I say I just LOVE my nails!


  1. Hey... love the necklace and the nails :) Hope you guys are doing great xoxoxo

  2. I've never had my nails or toes done either. I'll have to try out the place you went to if I ever decide to do it. Sounds like fun!

  3. Your nails look great and I'm jealous you got to eat at Barney's! Yummy!! I wish Evan really appreciated a good manicure, but he doesn't really care. He did give me a gift certificate to go to a spa when we first got married, but maybe he wasn't as impressed with the results as I was. Oh well. Maybe once we're out of student debt, he'll be more motivated to send me to the nail salon.


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