Blind as a bat

As of late I've been wanting to get myself a pair of new glasses. I had some when I first was in college but the prescription just wasn't working right. I had begun to notice this semester just how bad my eyes are getting. But lately, within a month, my eyes are just orid. I literally can't see a persons face clearly unless they are with 4 feet of me. Everything is just so blurred. Low and behold after visiting my pregnancy website there was an article about vision.

Chuck another one up to pregnancy, apparently blurred vision is very common. Thank goodness! I started to worry I wouldn't even be able to see the baby when he/ or she came out!
But I do have to be more carfeul now. I would hate to get attacked and not even be able to describe my assaulter! Let's just see how bad this vision really gets before I desperatly need some optical assisance!

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  1. Cute Blog!! We need to hang out again- I vote we go to Ryan and Jens for another round of Rockband:)


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