Thanks MH!

So after lots of patience we finally got our photos that MH took of us. WE had gotten a CD but it didn't work! Just our luck but then we got another one. Which actually didn't work wither! :o) But we just used our laptop and uploaded the photos to a zip drive and transferred them to our desktop. We were so excited to get them since we wanted them for our Christmas card. But that's another story. D'rock doesn't want to pay for a card so he decided to make one. After 3 hours and 3 different attempts and styles we finally created a winner. And by we I mean he did, although I told him exactly what I wanted. Anywoo, now we need to find a place to print them. But here are some photos MH took. They turned out great! ANd if they didn't just lie to us anyway!! :oP


  1. I think they look great! It's always nice to have updated photos :)

  2. Those are incredible! So fun. :)


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