No more teachers, no more books

So I officially finished my last final at 11:28am this morning. Yay! Okay, moment of victory over. Now I get to enjoy the Christmas break and catch up on things that make me laugh, not cry! So I decided to list some movies that I'm pretty excited to see. I'll be the first to admit they're some serious chick flicks (SCF) on this list! Can't help it, apparently I'm just a girl. So here are links to some trailers you should take a glance at:

Marley & Me

Confessions of a Shopaholic (SCF)
New in Town (SCF)
Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince

Oh and I'm not big on rated R movies or scary movies so if I was able to make it through the trailer then it's usually a good measure! ;o)


  1. Congrats! Finishing up finals is one of the best feelings! I use to always celebrate it by watching the five hour version of Pride and Prejudice. So enjoy those chick flicks my friend!

  2. we saw Australia and it was amazing! It's long but super great :)


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