My friend and Prop8

I recently was speaking with a friend at school about prop 8. We both agreed that it's such a sad thing that in this day and age you are criticized and mocked for believing in family values. That to be chaste, religious and steadfast in you beliefs is something to be ridiculed while promiscuity,sexuality and monetary wealth are those things to be striven for. Some one is mocked because they believe in being chaste until marriage. What kind of world do we live in when you are hounded for standing up in what you believe in?

This friend is not a member of my faith which reassured me that so many feel the way I do, but we're hesitant to speak of it. It was refreshing to know other Christians feel the way we do as saints. I feel a right and duty to protect my faith but in a respectful manner. I think the part that hurts me the most is the way in which opponents of prop 8 decide to express their point of view. Hate, disgust, anger and harsh judgment. How can you expect respect and compassion from those you criticize publicly. I love the motto " agree to disagree". Just because someone doesn't vote for prop 8 doesn't mean I will protest , yell absurdities and write patronizing signage to be displayed. I would say I respect their decision. I feel like a bad person. I believe in my every fiber about prop 8 but I am hesitant to sport a sticker or sign on my bike or back pack for fear I could be hit by a car, cursed at or mugged.

All joking aside I truly am fearful to express my beliefs because of the hate I've seen from those of opposite beliefs. I hope there are simply other like me who are just silent but steadfast in their beliefs and convictions waiting for the chance to vote for what they believe.

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