Panama: Air to Puerto Lindo

I have decided that to do one large post on our trip would be stupid and way to vexing for those who actually read our blog. So I'm going to make about 6 separate entries. I'll do it by location and add only my top 9 or 12 photos in a collage for that part of the country.

So to start we arrived in Panama on the 4th of August. We spent on night in a pretty "ritzy" hotel according to the local people of the city and then we headed to Puerto Lindo. It was a $5 bus ride for th two of us to the other side of the country. Zohan the movie was playing, disgusting just from what I saw bits of. I'm suprised it wasn't classified as an "adult" film. It was SOOOOO awful! Sorry if you liked it, I don't judge you. Anyhow, once in puerto lindo we hiked all over Isla Grande and enjoyed panamanian bread with brie cheese and fresh mangos (derek climbed a tree and got a rash for them). The hostel we stayed at was hosted by a sweet familly with the cutest two kids. Also, we had some killer fried fish at the local (and only) resturant there.

Pros: interesting wildlife in the bathroom as you heeded natures call, it was like a zoo!
Con: the mosquitos sucked pretty bad

next: portobello


  1. You got some great pictures. Keep them coming! Thanks for coming to the BBQ with such late notice. It was fun to see you guys.

  2. Angel Panama is so beautiful! You guys look so beautiful as well. Looking forward to more posts.

  3. Panama is so beautiful and you two are just as beautiful. Can't wait to see and read about your other adventures from your travels.


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