Nana & Papa: Part II

One thing we love to do each year is to pick our pumpkins! While we were here we were lucky enough to find an awesome farm to go to. It has a ton of pumpkins, a huge orchard and a great store with all homemade and home jar'd goods. I especially love the apple cider donuts!! Divine! This year we got to take Nana, Papa and Lins along with us. I think West's favorite part would have to be the gigantic furry caterpillar he found with Dad. Just another fun day with the family! Well...until West went in time out and caught me taking a photo him and his cute frowney face! Oh well. 





  1. Your blog is adorable! And your family! I came across your blog by looking for cute "we believe" buttons - and we loved yours! We are totally going to use it on our site (if that's okay!). If not, let us know!

    The Six Sisters

    1. Of course! I love your website and go there often! Truth be told I found the button from someone else and just loved it. It's free to share our faith ;) Can't say no to that!


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