I'm not quite sure why 30 is such a big deal. You go from sweet 16, to 18, to 21. But why 30? Why not 20 or 40!? Regardless, it's still a big marker in life. And one thatI was glad to make a semi-big deal about for Derek. But with his schedule and lack of a social life I knew a party was out of the questions. And let's be honest, he's not one of those guys. One of those "It's all about me" guys. He's your average joe. Your run of the mill sports fan, semi-athletic and hard working man. So I thought I'd play on those hear t strings instead.

Thirty balloons, thirty photos an thirty memories to sum up our lives together from the very first "glance"! And I'll tell you what, it was pretty darn perfect. Just like him. A night to remember his life and all the most cherished moments. ANd since I wasn't around for all 30 I got some help. Some loving memories from his family on the back of old photos. It was all pretty great. And to top it all off, homemade potato gnocchi, homemade salted caramel cake and entertainment for the wee ones for weeks on end! It was pretty perfect.




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