6 Years

What is there to say. We had another anniversary! Yay us. And I decided to "live it up"! So I surprised,  sorta, Derek with tickets to the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit. And to reward me for being an amazing wife who puts up with his ridiculous residency hours I was rewarded with an evening at one of the most famous little restaurants in the city. It's called Parc. And yes, it's very expensive, especially for us. And considering I was already excited to be there I was trying not to stick out too much with a bizillion photos so don't mind my low budget editing to make these decent. LOL.

And for me the highlight of the night had to be when the people next to us asked why we were celebrating, thinking it was my birthday. We responded with our anniversary. Their shock was hilarious when they discovered we were married. Then when they asked how long we had been married. And finally it reached hysteria when they discovered we had not only one child but TWO! A few choice words escaped their lips. Ahh...we still got it!

Escargot, my first time

Rotisserie Duck with cherry reduction...heaven! 

Amazing Macaroons!

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