D.C & How to train your Dragon

I had forgot to mention West's BIG birthday gift this year. In the spirit of Dragons the whole family pitched in to buy him tickets to see "How to Train your Dragon Spectacular". It was awesome. The second the dragons came out his face lit us an awe and amazement. His smile was so big and he was so happy. I literally almost cried from seeing that expression of total joy on his face. Although it's not that often it was great to do something big for our big guy.  

And while we were there we did some more sight seeing. I finally got to see the Lincoln Memorial. It was so awesome. While we were there Maggie was a little celebrity with the Chinese tourists. They kept smiling and "oo"ing over her and those pig tails and she climbed all the steps to the top. I swear I must of heard there camera go off at least a dozen times.

Overall it was a great weekend. And to finish we had a weekend BBQ with our friends at my Sister-in-laws new place. A great end to a family weekend.

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