Baby Claudia

Its been a while since I've done a baby gift for someone in our family. Hmm...let me rephrase that. I've never had the chance to make a baby gift for a family member. Besides us there really is only one other baby in our families and it's a boy. Not that I don't make special things for boys but I wasn't quite into baby crafting town when he was born. But you can bet the next baby who comes around, regardless of gender will get their share of love. But for now it's Baby Claudia. She's Maggie's cousin. And ironicly enough they are both named after their gramdma's. Claudia is their Great Grandma and Margaret is their Great Great Grandma. I can I just say how cute they both are.  But while I was in Utah I really wanted to get her a gift made before I ran out of babysitters.

So here are my special little onsies just for baby C!



  1. Adorable. Wish I had your determination to be crafty all the time.


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