Shabby Apple!

Not to be confused with the totally great line of clothing, but this Shabby apple was my latest job. She was a well built little secretary desk from the early 1900's and had an adorable scalloped edge and cute front feet. She was simple but well worn. So after some sanding, major cleaning and repairs to strengthen her joints this beauty got a nice coat of a candy apple green with a dark semi solid stained top, antique finish and crystal knobs.

She's a total girl. I mean, she was great all natural, but she is a total babe with her make-up and jewelry on! So enjoy your new home little lady with Mommy Rose. You'll be the talk of the town. And as one friend mentioned, it is hard to say good bye to these cute pieces. They're like children. All this hard work and then they just up and leave you! :o)

Next project, barn style dining room set. I'll be posting a before photo soon and be taking a poll for a color choice!

Update: I almost forgot the before photo!


  1. Can you come and refinish my piece? I need to get started!! How do you seriously have this much time on your hands to do all these things? You are amazing!!

  2. Just as pretty as in person! Love it and wish I could do such a great job!

  3. Ok, where do you find this cute furniture??? I am dying for a cute desk like this!!!! Make me one and mail in to Santa Monica :)


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