Reveal: Baby K

Remeber my post about a baby surprise? Well that surprise was for adorable little Baby Kiel!

A really close friend of mine recently gave birth, 3 weeks early, all natural, in her apartment while our friend and her neighbor (who is thankfully a med student) delivered the baby. Nope, that wasn't the plan. But little K.O, as I like to call him, obviously wanted to leave his mark in the world with a awesome birth story! Anyhow, I'm so sad not to be near closer while my friend finished her pregnancy but I had to make the little guy something sweet. And I wanted to to reflect a style that I thought would compliment both Mommy and Daddy. This is what I came up with...

Inspired by the He's All Boy quilt from This Mamma Makes Stuff I came up with my own version using some scraps, old shirts and an adorable gray dot fabric that I just love for a boy or girl. And I must say it came out just the way I hoped!

So hopefully as this cute little mister takes his walks around the lake with Mom, Dad and Big Brother, he's be toasty and farm beneath this little "All Man" quilt knowing that he's "Auntie" Angel loves him dearly! Now with any luck I'm be able to pump out some matching shoes and hat for him before it gets too cold. This kid is going to be dapper!


  1. I saw this blanket in person and it's darling! You are getting so creative with your sewing. Can you pass some of it along to me please?!


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