Mom & Tots Halloween FUn

This picture is just too cute! Some are excited, silly, unsure, bored, you name it! Last week our most gracious Mom & Tots host threw an adorable Halloween bash for the kids. I wish I had taken photos of the set up but I was on West duty since he's great at "rearranging" things. Especially a table with cupcakes and yummy snacks. Not I hadn't finished the kids costumes but luckily we had two bonus options. My mom had these little scrubs personalized for West and Derek's mom bought this little Pea costume back when she was about the size of one of those little peas! Except now she barely fit it.  She lasted long enough for the photo before she started to grunt like a wild little ape  :o)

The kids got to play games, paint pumpkins and tear apart their buddy's bog kid room. Meanwhile we Mom's got a little socializing in and some pizza. Maggie was such a gem the whole time. She just roamed around the entire living room finding new toys to chew on. But alas every baby will eventually turn into a pumpkin when the clock strikes 12. If you couldn't tell, she gets that lower lip from me. That's my girl!

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  1. Oh my goodness, why so sad!? I want to hug her!!


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