Mom & Tots go to the Farm

It finally happened! THe week before last I finally got to go out with our Mom & Tots group. Not having a car can be a little limiting at times. So needless to say we were very excited to go. Our friends picked us up and we arrived excited to ride the tractor. Before we got started to play at the play ground. And of course the trip wouldn't be complete without loosing a kid! OURS of course!

I stpped away with a friend to grab a little stroller for Mag's and when I got back he was gone. I didn't worry and just ran back to the plaground. Makes sense right, kids like to play. Nope not there. Next I jumped over the little playrground moat and towards the store. Nothing. So next was the garden area. I ran in and asked the fgirl if she saw a little boy but she said no.  As I ran by I saw some Mexican gardeners. Perfect! I ran back and I asked them in Spanish if they'd seen my kid. I figured it would be a best bet since we were the only "ethnic" folks around. And they said he just ran by and went into the garden shop as did some pleasant old man sitting near by. So I ran back to the same shope I was in an started screaming for him. "Hi Mom. I look at shovels".  Oh child. My question is, when theses gentlemen saw kid most likely running alone away from the playground, why didn't they call out to the parents standing by the play structure? Probably because they're men! Once I took him in to custody the fun finally commenced.

Once we got inside the kids got to measure themselves against the measure stick. None of them were particularly thrilled with this but we all wanted a photo. What they wanted was to ride the tractor. 
Everyone was pretty excited until we sat the kids down together. I guess you can see what I mean. Boys will be boys. At least Ry on the right was playing nice! Can't say the same for the other two.


Maggie and Will were having fun together. She thought he was so funny. Besides this she basically slept the whole time. Laughing must be some sort or aerobic excersice for infants.

 Once we got to the pumpkins the kids ll went in every direction. West just ran around kicking al the nasty pumpkins like rotten soccer balls. Then we headed for the maze and play area. They all loved this little playhouse. Theres Ry looking so cute out the window saying hello to him mom. 

Then there's my little guy trying to get out through the window. Hmm...much different thought process. I'm sure later on in his life this will be a positive thing instead of it being an extra quirk that could potentially endanger his life.

 Once we were all done we finished the day by enjoying our lunches at the picnic tables. And watching Mason try to go potty by the yellow school bus cut out. :o) Thank goodness his Mom is a quick runner. He was about 3 seconds away from indecent exposure. Boys WILL be boys if you like it or not.

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