A Halloween "Under the Sea"

(Side not: D's pumpkin was the talk of the town, seriously people were in shock! You owe me!)

I know I'm posting this the day after Thanksgiving but it's been a long month. Immediately after Halloween both the kids and Derek got sick and they all stayed seek till just about a week ago. But of course once they were on the road to recovery I got sick and then i believe a small case of food poisoning or a 24 hour bug. The next thing you know it was the week before T-Day and I had to prepare with what little time with a car I had. And did I mention on top of that we currently have a guest in our house for a month!! Yea...so throw in making the basement livable too.

OK! Enough excuses. Back to our Halloween. It was so fun. I actually finished both of the kids costumes before Halloween! That is huge for me. I was debating dressing up this year but at the last minute I knew I'd regret not dressing up. And since I bought a few things already I couldn't waste them. So I rushed to get my costume together during nap time. Over all we totally rocked! How modest am I? This all stemmed from a photo I saw of a little mermaid crocheted costume online. It was so cute. But would I really make that for just taking pictures? No! Halloween was the answer so that's when it began in early September. That's all the crucial info. Enjoy some photos! They're dark but hey thats the best you get when it's dark by the time Daddy gets home and Mom's by herself pretty much all day.

Vanessa (aka Human Ursula) and Ariel at our Ward Trunk-o-Treat

People were just dying over her and that wig. It's so funny to see a kid bald and then all of a sudden have as much hair as a grown women!

Carving Pumpkins a few days before Halloween

Ursula and her two little fish friends! You have got to admit that hair cone is pretty impressive. But the make up is terrible. You get what you pay for *coughwalmartcough*  :o)

L:Trick-o-treating with Aunt Lins, R: Catching a ride with Prince Derek 

FLounder kept getting freaked out by all the scary costumes. I can't blame him. One place we walked up to the guy was just sitting there with candy. As soon as he saw West he pulled this freak wolf monster mask over his face. One step and we were walking the other direction. Come on people, he's 2!! Do you really need to scare the living day lights out of a toddler!? Geesh No worries, Lins will get your back.

After out treat bag breaking a few times after exceeding the candy weight limit we decided to get bak home. Especially since Ariel was super tired.

Hopefully now that Mag's not sick I'll be able to get some good shots of her in her little costume.  

P.S: My pumpkin got a lot of compliments too! Just not AS many as D's. Secret to awesome pumpkin. Have you wife stencil the too small design on you pumpkin free handed double the size it was originally. Not to brag, but I will. ;o)

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