I'm the Kiebler Elf

I'm not sure if this a good thing or not but I've been baking like crazy since we've moved here. Of the top of my head I know my neighbors have received sugar cookies (twice), cheesecake, strawberry cupcakes and sugar cookies again, so thrice! And we mustn't exclude 2 birthday cakes, coconut cream pie and an Apple pie, which went to a lucky family for our last minute FHE lesson on sharing. Why am I admitting to this crime of inducing tooth decay? Because some of these have been amazing!! Strawberry cupcakes...amazing, sugar cookies (2nd & 3rd time)...AWEOME, cheescake... never fails and a non baked treat famously known as "Frozen Hot Chocolate" from Serendipity was just MIND BLOWING!! Oh and my perfected sugar crust just made that apple pie remind me of the ones from McDonald's except way better and Homemade. Mmm!

So to make you all drool here is the proof!

I think I juste figured out the reason those last 4 lbs of baby weight have stuck around. But for once, it's worth it!

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