Fall Fun at the Farm

In case you didn't just read my post about my new wreath, I LOVE THE FALL! And one of my favorite things to do, especially now that we have kids, is to go to the pumpkin patch. I must admit that the East coast farms are a bit worn down this year. Apparently all the flooding from the tropical storm put a damper on things. But at least they made it through. Now although there were plenty of places to choose from I'm confident we picked the best one and I'll tell you why.

1.It was actually a farm
2. There was an orchard for your picking pleasure
3. Tractor ride (only $2), eventhough we walked
4. Bouncy house (only$2)
5. Plenty of good pumpkins big and small
6. Freshly made pies in many flavors (along with other homemade goods)
7. Freshly made Apple Cider donuts... TO DIE FOR
And lastly but most importability...

My Mom-in-law agrees! And I'm assuming she's probably had more varieties than me given I grew up in CA and my idea of Cider was the sparkling kind from a bottle! Now if you know me personally I'm sure you've figured the top reasons that I chose this place we're based on elements that are completly edible. What can I say!

We went early enough in the day that we were the first of probably a dozen people to show up. So parking wasn't basd at all. So we headed first off to get our pumpkin. West got to catch a ride in the wheel barrel and Mag took shot gun in the umbrellas stroller. Which by the way isn't the best for dirt terrain. I proably should have brought our regular stroller but since we needed room for our pumpkins I didn't want to be limited. 

L: Riding with dad,  R: In case you ever wonder what you looked like in a bouncy house. LOL!

We found our pumpkins pretty quick. I think 5 years of marriage has made us a seasoned pumpkin picking team. Then we did the weigh in!! These babies weighed more than Margaret! And that's saying alot cause she's a big girl! 

After the pumpkin event it was time to take a bouncy house intermission. West really wants to try everything under the sun but he's not often sold on anything. He gave it a good college try but I don't think it was really his cup of tea. So we got our shoes back on and took a little walk across the farm to the orchard and picked ourselves 11-pounds of apples! Yup, ELEVEN. At 50 cents per pound you can't go wrong. That equated to apples for snack time, appetizers for 6 at a BBQ, 2 apples pies and a few to spare.

But then came the best part. THE STORE!!! I went crazy. Bread and Butter pickles, cider, fresh pie, apple butter and some donuts. And might I add worth every penny. I tried multiple times to get friends to et me more cider who were heading up there, but time after my plan failed. The cider Gods must know my weakness. I suppose it must be an annual tradition. And next year I'll know to buy another fridge and stock up for winter!
L: Last apple of the day R: Me! I do exists. And I must add that I'm actually a seasoned picker. Bet you didn't know that!

With all the time D works these moments for us really have been so special. But they come and go far too quickly. but one day, in 3-4 years from now, it will be worth it. And here I thought residency was the light at the end of the Med School tunnel. WRONG! Ok, semi wrong. At least we have a house!

Extra visual stimulation...

Someone was distracted by rogue pumpkins while we picked apples.

West and the Giant Pumpkin. Jury's still out on his thoughts about that.

Derek found a cart of pumpkins and thought "Why not wedge our daughter between 50lb pumpkins and her brother". (Can't verify his actual thought by the way). Cute right!

So from our home to yours have a fashionably festive fall and fabulous Halloween!

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  1. Ok. I miss the fall on the east coast! ESPECIALLY apple cider donuts. A-to-the-mazing!!!


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