Big Boy Bed

After the 3rd or 4th time West decided to sneak out of his crib we decided it might be best to just move onto the "BIG BOY BED". Sure it means he could come and go as he pleases. But at least there won't be any broken bones involved. So to the internet we went. ANd just a week later on a rainy afternoon the door bell rang and we kissed away the last piece of infancy we had been holding onto.

Now let's wrap the rest of this up quickly because I could go on for days about it.  The bed came with two damaged pieces, both head/footboard. But I assembled it anyway to see if    it all fit and ordered i a replacement. After assembly I realized the quality wasn't stellar but hey it was put together and someone was just over the moon about it!!

So we decided to wait on the extra pieces and fix it then. Shortly after I sat on the bed and one of the slats snapped in half. Really, I'm not that heavy!! Talk about a dip in the self esteem poll. That coupled with the fact that the drawer wouldn't work finally got to me. So we are currently in the process of getting another bed. Only to find that alot of toddler beds are total garbage!! ugh...but I found a good one and it's just a matter of convincing a guy on Craigslist to give it to me for 1/2 the price he wanted for it!

All in all the experience was good. West loves sleeping in a Big Boy Bed and we like knowing he's no longer at risk of breaking his neck. Win Win!

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