Sometimes in life we lose people unexpectedly, without warning to something we hadn't anticipated. But sometimes we loose someone who's journey was waiting to end. We all know it will be the best thing for them when it comes. That they'll no longer be in pain. But in reality those losses seem to me to be the hardest. We've had so much time to anticipate our future loss. The moments, memories and stories we're never going to hear again.

 Today we loss the backbone to our family, the glue that has held it together for so many years. She had lived through so much and was without a shadow of a doubt the strongest women I've ever and may ever know. We love you Grandma. For ninety years you lived, survived and cared for others. Now it's your turn again to be cared for, the chance to live again. I miss you already. We all do.

1933 & 1942 with her Sister Annie. Together till the last moment.


  1. Sorry for your loss. It is comforting though knowing we will be able to see our loved ones again. It will be a great reunion :)

  2. thinking of you and your loss. Love you sweetie!

  3. Lovely post for grandma. She would've loved it for sure!


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