Just look at this face. So thoughtful as he silently unravels the small mysteries of his little life. Yes, turning two years old is life changing in deed. So what does a two year old boy wantto do for this momentous day? "Mommy I feed baby milk". Hmm...not sure how that will work out but hey you just give into that nurturing side kiddo.

And he did. That was probably the hardest I'd laughed in quite a while. Especially as he was holding his "nibble" for her he started making a lip smacking noise to signify that she was eating. Then he quickly pulled his shirt back down and said "All done". Really, kids are just hilarious. But I'm sad to report that was probably the high lite of his day, breast feeding. I was so busy trying to make a special dinner, get his cake ready and making a few small decoration that we didn't do anything super exciting. And since we were supposed to have some neighbors over for cake I needed to make sure I was done on time so I didn't send those kids into sugar coma right before bed time. But as luck would have it I finished everything on time. It's too bad Dad was running late. We were expecting cake around 6:30. We waited, and waited, and waited some more and finally at 9pm the girls next door came out screaming "He's home". They had all be waiting patiently at the back window to wait and see Derek come home through the back gate. But by then all the kids had to go inside.

Finally home together as a family we sat down for dinner and sang "Happy Birthday". It's was too late so we brushed our teeth and went to bed and decided to save cake for the next afternoon. I could go into detail about that but lets just say it wasn't going too good either. But eventually candles were lit, cake was consumed and gifts were unwrapped.

We went for a baseball theme. What better team than the Phillies for a birthday in July! How perfect was Nana's gift she mailed and it perfectly matched our decorations!

West's newly acquired fake smile! "Cheeze" And his "Ball shirt" he picked out for his Birthday! I gues he knew we were doing a sports theme!

Not quite according to plan it was still a special 2 day celebration, or week really. Packages kept coming in the mail through the course of a week or two. Now every-time a package comes in the mail he says "Mommy mine. My Birthday!" Why not! Who knew mail could be so exciting! Happy Birthhday Baby Boy!  I promise next year I'll actually let you leave the house! :o)

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  1. Oh my goodness that was the funniest thing ever and so cute . I can't believe he is two. Please tell him happy birthday from us. I really need tp get your new address. I have something for him.


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