(Made an hour before midnight! I wanted to buy a flag but we didn't have funds! Finally all those scraps came in handy!)

Today I cam to the realization that I will never be one of those people who can post a days happenings on that same day. Not that I can't, I'm sure I could really get myself to do it. But honestly there are other things that seem to leave the house as if it were in the wake of chaos. That being said, I wanted to share our 4th of July with all of you since it's been almost an entire month. But in all fairness, we did just move and still have many things to accomplish besides day to day activities! Ha!

On with the show! For the weekend we decided to visit D's Sister Lins out in D.C. I had never been there before so I was pretty excited to see the white house. Everything else, well not so much! Not that I'm unpatriotic in the least, it's just that I genuinely don't know much about our Nations history. Yes, I went to grade school and college too! But history just never sticks with me. It's interesting when I hear it an then it gone about a week later, unless there is an exam to study for! That being said, I REALLY loved it! It was so fascinating. The architecture, the monuments, the overall atmosphere was really amazing. 

We got there on Saturday afternoon and went out to dinner on the boulevard near Lins' house. It was such a cute town lined with little shops and restaurants. And with some luck I was able to secure myself some great sushi! Afterwards we grabbed a redbox (Country Strong, that movie was very depressing, but the music was great!) and enjoyed some italian ice. 

The next day we headed to church like each Sunday. But this time it was at a neat kind of period building. So of course we took a picture in front of it. Did I mention it was blazing hot? After church we headed to the "Mall". I'm silly, I totally thought for whatever reason we were actually going to the Mall. But that's what they refer to the monuments as, the Mall, since there are a lot of them in one central location. 

WHITE HOUSE! I even saw snipers on the roof! Crazy.

We only got out to see the white house since the kids were tired, it was hot and we ran out of diapers for little Miss.

There she is!

Monday came and we had a great 4th of July BBQ with our friends Dan and Morgan and some other friends from Lins's school. West and Derek got to go swimming togther. And by swimming I mean he slowly coersed West into the pool. He's just not a fish! He likes the idea but just won't follow through.

Afterwards we had to head back quickly since D had to be at work ealry and we still wanted to be able to catch our neighborhood fireworks. It was so much fun having the 4th in our neighborhood. Kids everywhere, parents hanging out together, music blaring from cars parked in the street.

West did pretty well. He was scared of the sparklers, which I'd prefer at this age. But he eventually wanted to try holding one. He held it by the vary last bit of the stick and held as far away as humanly possible. Ha! Good boy. Too bad after it died out he touched it thinking it broke. Ouch! THat but him off fireworks for the night. Daddy missed all but the last sparkler, due to many important Doctor calls, but the two of them looked so cute with their little sparkler. It's too bad Maggie slept throug hall the fun, as usual! 

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