38 Weeks

 Here I am for what would be my last Sunday belly photo shot. I was just 38 weeks along and really bummed that I hadn't had the baby yet. I mean, my midwife is GOOD so I pretty must take everything she says as truth. She said 2 weeks! But then again, I was delivering a girl. And as we all know too well, a women can't be rush. We are ready when we say we're ready.  But to close the official series of Belly Baby #2 (aka Margaret), here is my last photo taken minutes before we left to the hospital.

(L: 38 weeks & 4 days , R: 38 weeks exactly)

I have to say I did better at gaining more baby weigh as opposed to just Mommy weight!  :o) If you disagree just don't tell me. But she sure is sticking out there like a little torpedo! Note to self, black PJ bottoms are far more flattering and discrete than gray ones! And in case you're wondering, Yes I did have both of my kids in my 38th week of pregnancy...huh, funny!

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