Somethings Homemade

 Lately I've bbe crafting like crazy. I've had an auction to prep for at church, a friends birthday and of course the anticipation of myo wn little girl. So crochet away I went. I swear my husband thinks I'm a crochet factory by now. It all started with the mauve colored beanie with the clip for little Miss. But what is a hat without matching shoes so...

Then I thought why not make some for Auction? So I did. Just three sizes. Each one had its own clip, wither a flower clip of a bow. Then I thought, how adorable is this bow!! I wish there was a way for a lady to enjoy such a cute accessory. So I thought, "Hey it's my friend Birthday". She loves being my crafting gift receiving guinea pig! So crochet again I went but this time a cap with a bow...

 I wish I had a photo of her wearing it but alas that wasn't possible. So I had to do for size reference. But then I thought " Where does one stoer all these wonderful frills?". So away I went with making framed chicken ire boards to clip and tuck you many treasure. I made wuite a few but only had energy to photogrpah and set one up since they were all tucked away for auction

All in all it was a busy last couple months. Now I just have about 6 weeks left to wrap up my latest and most important crochet project. A darling blessing dress for our little girl. With any luck I'll finish in time and be able to get to the booties and bonnet too! Wish me luck!


  1. Ummmm I'm jealous of how super crafty you are! I wish I lived closer so you could teach me your ways :)

  2. I'm so impressed! You really are amazingly talented!!


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