Where has the time gone? I swear just when I think I've caught up with my postings another month passes before me. So almost a month ago was Valentines Day. And truth be told I'm not much of a Valentine's person. I very much dislike red roses, don't need cheap chocolates from 7-11 and prefer not wear tons of jewelry let alone ugly jewelry shaped in to hearts! (Insert apology here to those who have 7 of those pieces and adore them!) But it does serve as a reminder to be grateful for those little men (& peanut) I love so much. And it helps he to pencil in some extra time with them.
This year we had another party with our Mommy group which was a blast. Athen's Mommy threw the event and we all just had some much fun eating while the kids played till their hearts nearly exploded.

Since V-day was on a Monday I figured it couldn't be too busy out and decided to sneaky for the hubby. I cancelled FHE with the girls, got a baby sitter and busted out the red lip stick! That's right! When he got home I was dressed to the eights, I'd say nine's but he was 10 minutes early, and the little guy was packed and ready to go.

For dinner we took what could be our last chance to eat at our favorite Pho place and enjoyed being 2 of 4 that night! Nothing beats dinner you haven't prepared and the lack of of screaming and banging forks at the dinner table. After picking up the babe we got home and I surprised him with a homemade cheesecake with raspberry sauce. Let's be honest, that thing was gone by Friday night! But we shared of course!

So do I love Valentine's day? No. Do I love knowing my hubby spend $20 on cheap flowers? No. But I do love my boys and current tummy tenant and I'm glad I have all 3 of them!

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