Nov I: The bad, the worse and the reward!

Now that the misery is over we can finally talk about it. For the month of November our dear Daddy/Hubby left us to do a rotation for a Hospital out of state. That's right! This time it was a 5 week block! Bleh! But lucky for us it was the last one. No more reckless abandonment for this Momma. It's just smooth sailing from now until graduation.

What about Thanksgiving you ask. Of course we couldn't be apart for the Holidays.  So it was on a plane for us, during nap time (BAD IDEA) and after what was by far the worse mothering moment/experience of my life we were in the good old state of Utah. I'll spare you the long story of the ride. Let's just say no nap, crying, rude people, vomiting in a confined space and hysterical crying, do not equal a fun afternoon!

But then we were together...Aww! For me I can say it was a much needed and well deserved break from my everyday responsibilities. So without further moaning and complaining....PICTURE TIME!

Part One: Snow Day


  1. OMG! This is EXACTLY the type of pic I hoped you'd send me for my Christmas card! And the ONLY reason you didn't, better be because it's going to be on your!

  2. there are few things in this world as cute as little kids in the snow. adorable.


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