Kindness or Hunger?

For one reason or another it seems so difficult to get stuff done for one of our tenants. Our scheduling always seems to conflict and sometimes  things don't get addressed for weeks. So on our last maintenance escapade it slipped. It came out something like this " I"m so sorry this has taken so long. You are such a great tenant. I totally owe you some kind of treat! " to which he replied "Would it have chocolate?". And there you have it. And did I mention these aren't just any chocolate chip cookies. They are my friends secret recipe, which I'm still trying to perfect. They were great, but not as good as hers. 

So you might be saying kindness at this point right? But what if his little cookie package only had 6 cookies in it? What if I kept the other 3 dozen? Hmm...maybe 40% kindness!

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  1. Angel, those look amazing! I'm sure they are just as good if not BETTER than your friend's :)


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