After what feels like a lifetime of searching,bartering, disappointment, sanding, painting and waiting I have finally finished my little sewing haven. Would you like to see...

The Desk...

The chair...

The finished product!
Please forgive me. Since my modest "sewing room" is just one wall of our son's walk-in closet I don't exactly get "Magic Hour" lighting(That closet rod has actually come in handy!). But you get the idea. Thank goodness for hardwood floors in apartment closets. Because I just loved this old secretary chair. And although you can't see it, I left the hardware the original color and sanded down the rust. The contrast of the worn metal against the sleek gray just got me. So there you have it, my little room. Now let's see what magical things can be created. The only problem is that it's my son's closet. Sewing through the night is going to be a little more challenging than normal!!


  1. Wow that turned out super cute! I'm so impressed :) It was great talking to you last night. I really miss you guys xoxo

  2. I love it. How fun and what a great idea.

  3. Did I tell how awesome a job you guys did? Well, you did! I bet you turn stuff around this for a pretty penny.


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