Thanksgiving aka YUM

Without any question Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. You're reminded of what matters most in life, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars and hours shopping and of course you get to eat yourself into a coma without judgment!! :o) Yes, its the best day of the year.

T His year we went back home to UT and everyone, except grandpa ( how did that even happen), got to meet our little Chunk. Our trip consisted of seeing extended family, go to a movie on T-Day which is tradition, eating what was by far the BEST turkey dinner I've yet to consume and catching up with those we love most. Don't feel bad if we didn't catch up, this was primarily family!

Since we took so many photos I'll only post my favorites but you can view the rest here on my stream. Not that you'll be shocked but they are all entirely of my little guy! LOL. I'll load more soon but lets be honest, who wants boring adults when you can get this cute little chunk!?!

The next Beethoven! ok...maybe not but he loves the piano!

One of many photos after bath time in GG's sink!

Hard to see it but he was giggling! I love them so much

Seriously....so funny!! LOL

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  1. oh my heck that one of your little guy and his pops in front of the temple is the freakin cutest pic ever! i love it!


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