W's first Halloween : To Oz!

So most normal and sane people would probably just buy a cute Halloween costume for their baby, especially since having an infant is shockingly enough a very time consuming process. Well I'm not very normal! I was so excited to make our first family costumes, particularly one for Papa bear! So what would we be? The ideas were endless, until my loving husband vetoed them all. The rubles...no. Popeye...no. Mario Bros...no. Star wars...well you get the idea. So finally it was official "The wizard of Oz". It was a struggle to decided what Papa bear would be cutest as, scarecrow, lion or tin man. But the cowardly lion was the winner. I think in total it cost me $50 to make all three costumes. I mean, they were charging $55 for the lion costume I saw on the internet alone. After about 5 days worth of late nights sewing they we're all done. Not without help of course. D made over some old shoes of mine and transformed them into ruby slippers.

Halloween day was spent at the trunk-or-treat at church with all of our friends and their little ones. W was pretty tired from all the excitement but did pretty well. And of course Dorothy, Lion and scarecrow would not have been complete without a wicked witch! My mom came out for Halloween, no pun intended! She was a witch for Halloween! Perfect! And to add for another surprise we got a flapper girl too!! Our friend Syl came out to meet our little guy for the first time.
Syl, mom & W

A cross pollination of a bee and a bug! Hmm..wonder what he'll look like! :o)

Me and the Counts Gothic gal!

The crew(minus a couple families)! We are so blesses to have you all in our lives!

After a long day of excitement we walked to the nearest Mexican restaurant with some friends and got dinner to go. We tried to watch a movie but alas the lives of parents are too exciting at times and we inevitably fell asleep 20 minutes into the show. What movie you ask? Well the "Wizard of Oz" of course!

And scarecrow gets Dorothy! Heart and courage are a must! Who needs a brain! Love you hun!

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