3 months

Last week we went to the pediatrician to get an update on PB since his last appointment...and to get some shots! Needless to say he was pretty mad with the doctor after but he only cried for a couples minutes. Mostly he just gave the best scowl and bottom lip he could muster given his shaken state. So here are the stats:

- (50%)
then... 10lbs. 12 oz
now... 14 lbs. 9oz
then... 22.5 in
now... 24.25 in
then...38 cm
now...42 cm

In all honest we thought he might be in a higher percent for his head circumference! LOL! But he is healthy and strong. Dr.Nic is always so amazed at how quickly he's developing and how string he is getting so quickly! I couldn't be more proud!

Here is Dad comforting his poor boy after all his shots! Aren't they just the cutest pair!?! OXoXOX

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