little blessing

After hours of crocheting W little blessing shoes and more hours doing it again cause his feet were too big for the first pair I managed to forget a needle to sew on the buttons for his little loafers on Sunday. Which essentially are needed to keep the darn things on his feet! Oh well! And that of course was after he had an explosive diaper that flooded, no exaggeration, his car seat, pants, over the church bathroom floor and all over the sink! Yuk! I know. his diaper was relatively clean! Apparently this same scenario started off Daddy's blessing day too way back 27 years ago! Ah, already aspiring to be like his Papa! Well its a good thing I stuck to my guns of not putting on his blessing outfit until right before his blessing! It's just too bad he spent those two hours at church in nothing but his diaper and a blanket! :o)

On a more spiritual note Daddy D gave such a wonderful blessing to our little guy. There wasn't a dry eye in sight. But I can't see myself so I don't count. For some reason when spiritual and wonderful things pertain to my own life I don't seem to cry. My wedding, nope. Birth of our Son, nope! Blessing of our son, Nope! Weird huh! But the second they announced new temples to be built this last conference I started to get all soggy eyed! All that aside it was wonderful! And more important than me feeling the spirit was seeing my mother so touched by the spirit!

Afterwords we all took photos together and spent a few moments together before everyone had to head back home. It was a very special day for all of us. Although we missed a few smiling faces I know they were there in spirit!


  1. What a bummer about the shoes! I bet they were darling. So glad we got to be there:)

  2. He looks adorable, as always! Where did you end up finding his blessing outfit?


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