Our nameless MVP

Nameless? Yup, I'm trying to think of what I want to call our little hijo on the blog and thought I'd throw out some of my thoughts and perhaps ge some suggestions. So far I came up with a few based on nicknames he's already acquired and some for fun:

oeste- spanish
LB- love bug
BL- baby love
BLF- baby love (our last name)
chico- dad's nickname

Let me know what you think. As for our MVP, what would the life of a little boy be without baseball!?! We finally got to go out to a ballgame a few weeks back the night they had the ceremony for Ricky Henderson. It was pretty fun just to get out. Even though we lost. Yes... we know but they won the next game we had tickets for. Too bad we forgot and missed it!!! Poop! ANd out section had won free pizza and everyone got a free 2-liter of Pepsi! Dang! Oh well. So here is our little MVP. let the name search begin!

Thanks to the Kitt's for his very 1st A's t-shirt!! Many people were impressed that he was dect out and rootin' for the A's at only 3 weeks old!

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