Too cute!

Need I say more!?!

I really could take so many more photos of him but most of the time he's lying so peaceful with me and I just don't dare move an inch and disturb him. These days I'm taking a lot more photographic memories than photographs! :o)


  1. Angel he is so CUTE! When are you guys coming back to utah for a visit. I can't wait to see him. Did you decide about your fourth year yet. Love ya Congrats again.

  2. Ah! He is so adorable and gets even more adorable every day! Give him hugs and kisses from his Aunty! I love you guys! :)

  3. How precious! Newborns are the best, so cuddly and sleepy. You can't help but fall asleep everytime you cuddle with them.

  4. So cute! She looks like both of you! Definitely a keeper!


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