Week 30!

I can't even believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. And as odd as it may seem I've loved, nearly, every second of it! Since week 30 was a bit busy and spent partly in Utah I didn't get an official photo of the tum tum. So instead I decided I'd do a tum tum fashion show of week 30! So here are shots of my during week 30.

At the baby shower for Ca$h and our little guy!
At J's Grad!
Lower emerald pool at Zion
DH banquet at Dixie
He's showing off how skinny he is! lol.

That last one isn't a great view but it's funny. I was kinda annoyed because I had to run to the restroom before the shutte left. The lady said she'd wait for me and as I was running back and just about at the loading stop she DROVE OFF!! So cruel! lol.

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