Happy Mothers Day!!

So it was my official first Mothers Day! How exciting. Some people say it doesn't count but hey if you ask me who the father of this little guy is I don't say "he doesn't have one!" Am I right!?! :o) Anyhow, we decided to visit my grandmother for Mama's day. My mom insisted that she was too far to drive for the day and didn't want my pregnant little body to be uncomfortable! What a sweetie she is! So for Grandma I arranged some flowers for her. For our mom's we sent pretty flowers and the traditional box of chocolates..mmm...chocolate!

For a special mama I know!

For Grandma!

And as a bonus we got to talk to D's little brother who is serving his mission in Africa right now. It was so good to hear from him and know he is growing! So till next year Happy Mothers Day ( Belated that is ) to all you fabulous mom's out there!! Love ya!

I'll put photos up of my mom's flowers later since I don't have a picture just yet. And I'll be sure to take a photo of my two gifts from my hubby and little guy. However the fabulous beakfast photo won't make the cut since I ate it the second it was on my plate! Let's just say I really was looking forward to that french toast!!


  1. Congrats to you! John and Jamie are going to be in your area for the summer while John does summer sales.

    Fred and Deb

  2. Congratulations! John and Jamie are going to be in your area the next few months while John does summer sales.


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