"Another one bites the dust"

Alas yet another family has finished their time here in O-town and we all had our final good-bye with them in what is starting to become the annual "good-bye" BBQ. This time it was just one family, but one of our favorites, the May's. We had so many people turn out to say good-bye it was so sweet. And we had so many kids running all over the place. And to make it even more special it was also a Birthday bash for the 4 year-old disguised in the body of a 6 year-old! Serious he is so tall!! I even had to double check a photo with candles on the cake cause I at least wanted to say 5!

For some reason she kept making funny faces!
4 candles! There should be 6! lol
What better way to eat cake! He's not much on forks!

Funny face #2

It's weird to think that next year might be our turn. Only time will tell. Until then we are going to miss our friends and wish them the best. But we're excited to meet their replacements! Yes...everyone has to be replaced! It's like a game. So we'll be sure to introduce the new fam when they make their debut!

Aww..they probably think it's just a Bday party! sad

Look its David Archuletas love child!! Lol. He totally look like him! So cute!
Kelt has no fear!

Last moments of us all getting in our dose of Shae


Mommy D & Mommy J

Love him!

Funny face #3 Probably due to the fact she got stuck under there for a second. She tried to stand up! :o)

Well we miss you guys already! Hope the new 4 bedroom house, backyard and freedom of not managing help fill the void of O-town and your old friends! Lol! Yea...they'll adjust just fine! But know we love you!!

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  1. Thanks Angel! Just barely got the internet about 2 hours ago. And finally think I have every box unpacked and almost everything where i want it. What a chore. I never want to move again and to think I might actually have to do it in a year totally sucks. I miss all my friends, though. It's pretty lonely right now, hopefully there are some young couples in our ward that are as cool as all you guys!


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