Half Way there!

We have officially hit our 20 week mark! Woo hoo! That means I'll only gitter bigger and bigger at a more alarming rate right? I'm just making sure I'm celebrating the right thing here. So even though I officially don't fit into my jeans anymore I'm enjoying every second of my pregnancy. The highlight of my day is feeling the baby kick and watching little ripples in my stomach like a wave of Jello-0! ;o) Today my mom finally got to see me since my 12th or 13th week. She thought I'd be alot bigger. My grandma stopped by too just to see my belly apparently. She swore it was a boy when she saw the ultrasound but now she thinks it might be a girl. She said that I'm carrying the same way she carried when she was pregnant with her girls. She had 9 kids! Five of which were girls. So she is pretty sure now!

Anyway, I feel great and I'm excited to go walking more often once the rain clears again. We, D and I, finally got to go for a walk together on friday. He happened to get out 2.5 hourse early that day. It's the first walk we'd been on in so long. But anyway, here is my 20 week shot. I'll be sure to take photos every week from now on since the growth will be more noticible. Can't believe it! Just 20 more weeks till we get to hold this little munchkin in our arms! And be sure to chech back on tuesday to find out what were having!! We, and by we I mean I, are so excited!!!

Week 20!


  1. Congrats! I'm still waiting to hear the rest of the Derek and Angel dating story...


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