For Al: A Little Wiggle

So I have been meaning to post a portion of our ultrasound for so long. But I needed the help of my hubby to do so. Needless to say I had to wait a while, considering this clip was from our 11 week ultrasound and I'm now 17 weeks along! ;o) But all good things are worth the wait.

This slip is especially for D'rocks little brother Al who is serving in Africa right now. We miss him so much and wanted him to be as much a part of this experience as he can. So this is for you Al. Hope you enjoy. We love you, you pray for you every night and we're so proud of the work you're doing for Heavenly Father. We can't wait till you can finally meet your little nephew/ or niece!

Without further adieu, here is our little bundle of joy!

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  1. It's totally a girl! Ok, I'm just saying that, but seriously we're totally ready to find out what you guys are having!


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