"Here comes the Sun"..or my belly!

I've been meaning to post my belly shots but have had trouble getting my "photographer" aka husband to take them for me. But here are weeks 12 and 14. I thought every week would be a bit much. I'm shocked at how much my belly it sticking out since my 12 week. I thought you weren't supposed to "show" on your first child till like 5 months? Well I guess I wan't in as good of shape as I thought. My muscles and ligaments didn't giver mother nature nearly enough of a run for her money. Oh well! It's so fun to finally kind of "look" pregnant. The other day after I had just showered D'rock was like " wow you tummies gettin' bigger". Oh man, he hasn't seen nothin' yet! I'm sure we'll be eatin' those words soon enough.
12 Weeks!

14 weeks!
I get an inch off for the shadow! ;o)

Just think only 8 more days till my 16 weeks and hopefully only 9 more days till we get to find out what we're having! Take my little poll on the side and tell me what you think we'll have!


  1. I think that you just have bad posture in the 2nd picture. And you're probably pooching out your belly.
    Derek is going to have to get used to taking more pictures.

  2. i vote your having a girl because everyone thinks its a boy...and you deserve a girl!

  3. What belly? One day it will pop out and you will be like...where the heck did this thing come from? a boy!


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