Soon to be Mommy D

So I have one of the most adorable friends in the whole wide world who is about to have a bundle of Joy! So J, Cor and I threw her a shower. But I had to make one executive decision...animal print!! That's right Mommy D just adores any type of animal print, whether it's on a shoe, on luggage, on accessories, you name it and she probably loves it (exceptin to stretching tacky spandex items of course). So two weekends ago we had the shower and it was so fun. I just love baby showers. Love to throw 'em, plan 'em and especially to shop for 'em.

So without further adieu here are some photos of our spectacular event...

And it wouldn't be complete without this little tid bit! Little does everyone know they all looked this way when they ate their cupcake! :o)
Love you Mommy D!


  1. So dang cute and adorable! Where were you when I was having babies ;). You should become a party planner.

  2. I'm not sure of that picture of me, but everything else was fantastic! Such a fun shower!


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