"They're bats were freakin' illegal!!"

Or at least we thought they were. The boys, podiatry hubby's, played an all day tourneament in Walnut Creek today. And boy was is hot and long! They won there first and second game and were so pumped for the third. They won again. So here it was, second years (aka hubbies) versus the dreaded third years (aka Cote & May) ;o) It was a good game to watch but needles to say the third years had they're way. As much as I chanted Tyler in fact does not hit like a girl! I wish we had more photos but at least our little cheerleader got some face time. Maybe next year they'll rock the championship title and claim victory.

Our official cheerleader!!

Special K (aka honey hands) and his wiffy AK

This is my favorite! It took a little coxing from Mama J and I but it was so worth it!

Again another cute photo from J! I love this one too! Maybe it's just because they're all of Z!

Here was my candid of J and Z. She is the cutest mom for Z! It was such a cute moment!
And finally here are the boys! You're number one in our book!
Hopefully J doesn't mind that I took the liberty of editing a couple of the photos she took! All in all we had a good day!

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  1. I love the pics of Z! I especially loved the one of Z and J from behind. So cute!!! So when do Rex and I get to be included on the "Our Friends" column of your blog??? The link to ours is http://rexandamy.blogspot.com


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