Happy Birthday Love!!!

So last saturday was my husbands birthday and I tried so hard to make it special. But that was considering that his birthday fell on my cousins wedding this year! Poop! First thing in the morning he had a special breakfast and opened his gift from his parents, a new fishing pole!

Heart Shaped!

Then we ad to get ready to go. I got him a lot of little gifts to give to him through out the day and them forgot them when we left. So I waited till we got back. But all my gifts back fired. I got him a cool water bottle so he didn't have to recycle old ones but the spout was small and was not quenching. Then I got him sudoku which he wasn't too excited for. Then there were head phones but he said he had some that worked ok and that these weren't the ones he wanted and they would be too small for his big old ear openings. It's ok I thought, just wait till Sunday.

Sunday we had our friends over for steak, BBQ chicken and potatoes. And of course his good buddy Ry got a gift. But not just any gift, a GIANT REMOTE CONTROL BOAT!! Derek was so excited an I was so embarrassed for him to open my gifts. I got him 3 movies, Hitch, Catch me if you can (since he's reading the book and loving it) and Rocky Balboa (a movie I swore never to watch). I got a less than mediocre response for it and was sad. Then he opened the next. It was a wallet since his is falling apart. It got one of those "thanks you"s you give to grandma when she gives us towels for christmas. But here it was the secret gift!
The look was insane, like a kid who proved the world wrong!

As he checked out the wallet and the tags inside he stumbled across the big finale...BRIAN REGAN TICKETS!! Yup, he was way more excited over the boat ;o( I was a good sport and smiled but I was crushed. It was the worst birthday ever and I tried so hard only to be outdone by Costco! Dang you Costco and your reasonably low prices and yummy steaks!


Guest Chef! What's with the light? Weirdo

Better luck next year I suppose. The only good thing to come of it was dinner. My corn was just right, with yummy backed potatoes with kosher salt and Ry's BBQ skills with the steak and my BBQ chicken. And to top it off my newest invention...Apple Peach Pie. It was a mistake and a surprisingly good one at that. But of course there was "the show". but I'll save that for the next post!!

Homemade with love!!

To be continued...


  1. Girl don't you get down on the gifts. We all have Birthday years like that. Loved your cute breakfast and the pie is a kick in the pants "26". You are so creative!

  2. Angel I love you to death!!!! I miss your cooking and your great desserts!!! Derek is so lucky to have a wonderful girl like you. Tell Derek happy way late birthday!!!

  3. ahhh! What a stinker! He better learn to act more surprised in the future or you'll never put that much effort in again. Next year get him a candy bar....one from costco! hee hee.


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