Return with honor

So this one is a little late but I probably wouldn't have been able to write it right away. As of the 23rd of July my sweet brother-in-law Alex entered the MTC. we went outfor hisfarwell two weeks before that and had to settle with saying good bye over the phone. So after he talked to Derek I waited for my turn. He was supposed to call 20 minutes later. Well 30 minutes passed, then 1 hour, then an hour and a half and then 2HOURS!! I was so sad. Did he forget to call his favorite/only sister-in-law? Of course not, he was so busy that morning and leaving home.

Regardless I finally got to say goos-bye and I almost made it. I've never had a family member leave for a misison before. Sooo...I got a little chocked up for a second. Al is just such a great example to me. I'm really proud of him and couldn't be more so if I was his sister (by blood).

So here are photos of my cute brother-in-law on our last visit:

The best memories I have of Al are probably the times I met his friends. Anytime I met anyone of his friends Al would say "this is my sister Angel". I've always felt a part of the family becuase of Alex. Him calling me his sister means mre to me than he will really ever know. He loves his family dearly and mostly unconditionally! Boys will be boys. So take it easy Elder. We love you and can't wait to give you a "little socca player"!

Love you Alex

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